Monthly Blues Massage Oil 100ml





Relieve PMT/PMS and other related issues with this comforting blend of Roman Chamomile, Geranium and Rose Otto essential oils, blended in Sweet Almond oil and Evening Primrose oil, rich in gamma linoleic acid, biologically important in helping maintain enzyme activity and hormonal balance in the body.

Aromatherapy is a great aid in combating pre-menstrual tension, gentle massage with our oil to the abdomen, in a circular clockwise direction, and to the lower back during the 10 days prior and throughout the duration of the period can greatly relieve the problems. Rose Otto seems to have an affinity for the female reproductive system having been found to have a purifying and strengthening effect on gynaecological conditions, whilst emotionally Rose 'chases away sad thoughts'.  Roman Chamomile is one of the oldest known medical herbs, calming and helpful wherever there is pain whilst Geranium, with its balancing and stimulating properties, helps to regulate hormonal conditions both menopausal and premenstrual including anxiety and depression when hormone related. Altogether a lovely gentle aid for those of us who need a little help at certain times of the month.