Exotic Touch Massage Oil 100ml


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An aromatic feast for the senses with a refreshing blend of sandalwood, mandarin and ylang ylang essential oils, blended with sweet almond & Macadamia oils to create an inspiring and exotic mood. Sandalwood was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts as having magical properties and was used as a purifier for the mind and soul and today its role is one of rejuvenation and healing. Ylang ylang helps with stress-related disorders and is said to help reduce blood pressure, having a calming effect on the heart, whilst Mandarin has wonderful soothing qualities. 

An ideal massage oil to boost positive emotions and uplift the spirits.

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  1. This is certainly a very Exotic massage oil, when I first purchased it I kept having to open it to take in the beautiful aroma. It's an instant pick me up I certainly recommend this one. It has a deliciously sweet citrus aroma with exotic floral notes.

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