Face Care

We believe everyone can have beautiful skin and deal with the ageing process in a natural way, without chemicals, using the essences of nature without breaking the bank!

More and more people are questioning what is safe in the cosmetics industry and why today’s new miracle products often become tomorrows scare story. There has been years of research into the uses of aromatic substances for beauty and rejuvenation and all essential oils have natural hormones and traces of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are important in rejuvenation. Thanks to this a daily application of essential oils keep our skin healthy and glowing, stimulating the regeneration of new skin cells – perfect for keeping a youthful look.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise and spraying your face with floral water is an excellent skin tonic. Sleep and exercise also contribute to a healthy-looking skin – a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, swopping your morning cuppa for a hot water with a squeeze of lemon will work wonders both inside and out. It’s also important to relax the face muscles before any skin care routine and the best way to do this is by smiling   – our attitude to life, beliefs and enthusiasm all determine the rate of ageing so, most of all, BE HAPPY!

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