Moonlight Night Cream 60ml


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A rich, regenerating night cream easily absorbed  for all skin types but particularly mature, dry or sensitive. Moonlight night cream is blended and infused with nutritious avocado oil and apricot kernal oil, rich in minerals, together with the indulgent oils of pure Rose Otto and Jasmine to enhance the skins radiance whilst making it less prone to wrinkles.

Where Rose is known as 'Queen of Oils', Jasmine is regarded as the 'King' –  like rose, jasmine oil is very costly because of the enormous quantity of flowers needed to produce a relatively small amount. Also, labour costs are higher by the need to gather the flowers at night as the odour of jasmine is more powerful after dark!

On the emotional plane jasmine is a powerful antidepressant and relaxant, whilst rose is comforting ensuring restful sleep.You can be quite frugal with this gorgeous cream, a little goes a long way.