Imune System Stimulant 30ml


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Essential oils can support and strengthen the immune system in two ways: by directly opposing the threatening micro-organisms or by increasing the activity of the organs and cells that fight them.Virtually every essential oil in therapeutic use is active against one or more bacteria and almost all of them stimulate production of white blood cells.

When the immune system is depleted and where infection is recurrent or prolonged, treatment should be continued for at least a month so that the immune system is repaired and strengthened to resist further attack. Tea tree, Thyme, Pine, Lemon and Lavender essential oils are blended in sweet almond and jojoba oils to help fight off infections or build up a resistance when the immune system is depleted after infection.

Tea tree helps increase the body’s defence against invading bacteria whilst Pine helps fight debility, weakness and mental fatigue. Lemon assists low immunity and infections, Lavender has general soothing properties and Thyme helps combat exhaustion, anxiety and both mental and physical fatigue so altogether a very useful remedy to have at any time and especially during the flu season!