Insomnia Oil 30ml


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There are many reasons for being unable to sleep  be it stress related, during illness, the menopause, lack of exercise, eating too late in the evening or something other but whatever the reason the inability to sleep is distressing. You toss and turn, adjust your pillow, you count sheep, you might even pray. And still sleep won’t come. Take comfort that a significant proportion of the population has trouble sleeping at some time and that insomnia is one condition that often is better treated with herbs than with drugs.

Essential oils can coax sleep naturally and safely and our Insomnia Oil is a little gem!  Rose otto, Sweet Marjoram and Lavender essential oils are blended in sweet almond oil and jojoba to bring about the sweet smell of sleep.Rose otto is luxurious & comforting instilling a feeling of peace, Marjoram is a tonic to the nerves and promotes restful sleep whilst Lavender is nature’s little treasure and together this trio has a calming sedative effect gently aiding sleep.

Rub into your temples, forehead, back of your neck and the soles of your feet at bedtime.  Sweet Dreams!