Patchouli Hand Wash 250ml





A lovely gentle and natural hand wash blended with Patchouli, Lemon

and Bergamot essential oils together with jojoba oil and dead sea salt to

leave hands feeling moisturised and healthy. 

Patchouli has a grounding & balancing effect with its fresh uplifting aroma 

whilst physically helping skin to maintain suppleness. Together with Bergamot

and Lemon this is a hand wash with the all round “feel good” factor

suitable for all skin types.

1 thought on “Patchouli Hand Wash 250ml”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous product. I am always on the hunt for patchouli scents and this one smells divine. Remarkably good value for the quantity and beautifully moisturising too. Thank you – love it so much.

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