Rose Floral Water 100ml


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100% Pure High Grade Organic Rose flower water distilled from the finest Bulgarian Rosa damask is suitable for all skin types. Rose beautifies and conditions the skin offering soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory qualities. Gently cleansing, rose floral water can be used as a toner on its own to help with reddened and inflamed skin, nourishing and hydrating the face. 

Apply after cleansing over the face and neck to tone, cool and refresh. If using with face cream apply the cream whilst your skin is still 'damp', this way your cream will feel even lighter and the jar will go a lot further. Rose water is very useful to cool and calm menopausal hot flushes and is even more refreshing if kept in the fridge.

A cold compress soaked in rose water placed on the forehead or back of the neck soothes tension headaches. Pads of cotton wool soaked in rose water can be placed over the eyes to rest and refresh them as a treatment for conjunctivitis.