Soothe and Protect Hand Cream 60ml


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An intensive daily treatment formulated with the wonderful healing properties of Calendula oil and Benzoin and Myrrh essential oils, together with nutrient rich extracts, to soften and nourish even the roughest hands. Lemon may be helpful for lightening freckles and protects against brittle nails whilst calendula oil is excellent for dry eczema and general skin repair. This is an ideal cream for people who work outside – gardeners, builders etc. with its moisturising,antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, providing protection and extra defence for hard working hands.

We also recommend Soothe & Protect for cracked heels and knees that have done too much kneeling!

2 thoughts on “Soothe and Protect Hand Cream 60ml”

  1. This is a product I first bought when it was known as 'Boatmans handcream' because it was recommended to me for my sore wind blown and weather worn face following two weeks on the boat. It was marvelous and reduced the soreness that same day. I now use it for my face, hands and legs and it is immensely useful for any outdoors person who does not wear makeup but needs a wind and weather barrier.

  2. I had this hand cream as a christmas present last year, for a while it sat on my shelf unused!Then one day I had run out of my usual hand cream so reached for this pot.. well it is the best cream I have ever used and heals my hands very quickly.I use a lot of detergent and my hands get very sore. I did not know where it was from so checked the label and found it on here.I shall be calling in to purchase another pot. so worth the money.Think I may try other products now if this cream is anything to go by. Many thanks .

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