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This is a gentle, parabens free cream, ideal for soothing aching joints and limbs, areas with age related problems or aiding people with arthritis. This cream has been established for twenty-two years and is highly recommended by a huge following of devoted and enthusiastic supporters, along with their assorted knees and hips!  Blended with lavender and chamomile for their anti-inflammatory properties, arnica oil which is age old for bruising and swelling, ginger to help warm up the muscles and joints so they move more easily, juniperberry which helps disperse fluid that builds up around sore or injured joints and finally, eucalyptus, to aid circulation and also helps to disperse toxins from the joints.

Please note that this product is safe to use for people who have blood pressure problems or who are taking warfarin medication.

9 thoughts on “Hobble Joint Cream 250ml”

  1. We first bought a pot of this wonder cream from you at the Royal Cornwall Show approximately four years ago and have been using it ever since. It really is a fab product and is like no other muscle rub we have ever tried. My boyfriend suffers from a really annoying lower back ache and rubs in this product in the mornings and evenings. The pain seems to go away within minutes of applying the product. It's also good for rubbing into stiff necks, for knee pains and I have even used it after a hard work out. To top it all it smells wonderful too! Just can't live without it!

  2. I purchased a pot of Hobble Joint cream after reading about it in a local magazine, not for me but for my elderly Father-in-law who has severe arthritis. I've bought him all kinds of potions & supplements in the past and sadly non have had any effect….until now! According to him this cream brings him some relief when his joints and limbs are at their most painful, although not a cure, it certainly helps and quickly.

    The best endorsement I can offer is that he uses it regularly, which amazes me as I've never known him enthusiastic about any product. FABULOUS!!!

  3. I got this cream for my gran who had a new knee over 3 years ago and she has had pain in the new joint ever since. The doctors had given her every pill and potion under the sun with no joy until I bought her the Hobble Joint cream after I'd used other Go with Nature products myself with great results. Gran was happy to give it a try, AND SHE WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! She says she wished she'd known about it sooner, this is all she uses now and she gets about with very little trouble at all!! Wonderful!

  4. I've used Hobble Cream for about 2 years, during the winter when my hands are really achy and sore, amazing stuff! This week because of being tired and the heavy rain, my hands have been particularly bad. Mentioned it to a friend and she immediately said "Are you using your Hobble Cream?" How daft am I? Got it out today and rubbed it into my aching hands. Better already!!! A few days of Hobble Cream and pain will be all gone. Why didn't I think of it at the beginning of the week?

  5. Bought for my husband who had two knee replacements and still has painful joints even thought he takes pain relief tablets. Read a review on here saying was bought for lady who had same operation and had worked for her, so decided to gamble and buy a jar. Was unsure if it would work or not, and was pleasantly surprised. After using for a couple of days the pain reduced dramatically and after a week using it my husband now has pain free knees. Fantastic item. Many thanks

  6. Bought more joint cream for husband who had knee replacements and had constant pain and let my Nan try some on her painful back and also my mum who had painful shoulder joints. Both found the cream excellent. My nan who had a back operation many years ago had problems sleeping and always painful during daytime. Tried it once and in the morning found no pain at all. My mum tried for a week and found her shoulder pain had gone. Absolutely brilliant product. They ended up buying the two jars I had ordered for my husband. So I have just purchased 2 more. 5 now in total.

  7. My daughter ordered the Hobble joint cream for me because of severe knee pain. I take warfarin and I can't use other creams or pain killers and I was so fed up with the pain. This cream works, simple as that, it takes the edge off the pain and I wouldn't be without it. I have to order 2 jars at a time now because my husband uses it for his knees. Also the delivery is so quick and it's well packed. Thank you very much for such a great, safe product.

  8. I was suffering from arthritis pain in my neck. My Mum got me a jar of this as it had helped soothe her neck. You need to rub it on every night for at least a week but now my neck feels much better and I use it every day to keep myself free from pain. Its great stuff. Thanks x

  9. this cream has helped me sleep well since using it on my hip and soles of my feet, not only have I used it but my husband who is on warfarin and is unable to use other pain relief, has found this takes the arthritis pain away in minutes.

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