Menopause Rescue Massage Lotion 150ml


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Typical menopause symptoms, both physical and emotional, of hot flushes, tremendous fatigue, depression and irritability to name but a few can be very distressing but fortunately essential oils can be very helpful in dealing with these problems. Menopause Rescue is specifically blended to holistically restore a sense of balance and well-being whilst individually working to treat each problem, we’ve added clary sage to help with fluctuating hormones and hot flushes, juniper berry  to deal with fluid retention and stress related problems, there’s geranium to balance and help regulate hormonal conditions whilst neroli, with its very pleasant fragrance, psychologically has an uplifting effect generally. Together with borage oil, rich in GLA, apricot kernal oil and evening primrose oil rich in fatty acids to nourish the skin and help maintain the hormonal balance in the body, used regularly  Menopause Rescue aims to relieve these tedious and debilitating symptoms, to lift the spirit and to put some joy back into life naturally.