Ripples Anti-Cellulite Oil 100ml


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Cellulite can be brought on by hormonal changes and physical and emotional stress which alters the way the body functions, including the digestive system, whilst smoking, alcohol, poor diet and lack of exercise can be other contributary factors. It may be comforting to know however that 9 out of 10 women are affected by cellulite so you're not alone!

Our massage oil is a combination of oils that work in harmony with a dual action – to help the appearance and firming of those areas affected by cellulite whilst at the same time lifting the spirits, especially great if you're having a bad day! The essential oils in Ripples contain plant hormones and have natural diuretic properties regulating capillary activity and restoring vitality to the skin tissue, boosting a sluggish system. We've blended Lemon oil to stimulate the body's systems and lift the emotions, Juniper as a valuable diuretic and 'cleansing' oil, and Grapefruit & Geranium oils to detoxify and balance the system.

'Ripples' works well when used as a total treatment ie. firstly dry skin brushing and then a body scrub followed by a detoxifying bath before  finally applying the massage oil. Regular applications will assist in the firming of those affected areas whilst helping you to de-stress, thus preserving your energy and sense of well-being.

Not to be used during pregnancy or on people with kidney disease.